Monday, October 13, 2014

Supernatural 10.01 - Black -- The eyes tell the real story


Hellatus is a over and we have SEASON 10! Every time I type that I get chills. I am so proud of our show! We have truly beaten (and continue to beat) the odds. But the thing that gives me greater chills is the fact that even after 10 years our show can air an episode that makes me so concerned and worried for our two brothers. You would think we'd have seen everything by now...but that is not the case.  Also, I worried for Cas and Crowley was awesome...but we'll get to that.


Dean loves his brother, got the Mark of Cain, became addicted to the Mark, got stabbed in the heart by Metatron, woke up a DEMON.

Sam was dying, got possessed by an angel, kicked said angel out (rather badass), was mad at Dean, then was worried about Dean, had Dean die in his arms. Sam loves his brother.

Cas lost his grace and became human, slept with a reaper, changed his name to Steve, worked at a Gas 'n Sip, got someone else's grace, formed a cult angel following, got captured, then got free and captured Metatron...but stolen grace is fading.

Crowley was almost cured, sat in the Bunker dungeon for 4 months, shot up human blood, had a hidden agenda, wants Dean to howl at the moon with him.

SEASON 10 (yes, chills. In case you were wondering...)

In the season premiere last year "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" Sam is in a coma. We see some glimpses of his inner thoughts. He sees Dean as his fighting side and Bobby as his side that tells him he has fought well and can move on. I love the fact that Sam sees his big brother as his fighting side. Multiple times during the series Dean will look at Sam and say "Are you with me?" Dean does not give up. He fights until there is nothing left and then some. Sam has grown up with that. He has those same tendencies because he has been "studying Dean trying to be just like him."

That is what makes Sam so heartbreaking in this episode. Just like the end of Season 7, Sam has lost Dean and has no idea what happened to him. But this time he reacts completely different. He moves heaven and earth to find his brother. We see glimpses of him torturing a woman (who we believe to be a demon), we see him calling in favors from old friends and reading up on all the lore books in the bunker, he is monitoring weather maps and demon signs. The boy is completely exhausted and hurt (still laughing that the show called Osric a demon) but he is not giving up. 

When Sam is captured by Cole (excited about this storyline! Who is this guy?!?) he is forced to listen to his brother talk to his captor. When Dean wants proof of life, Cole holds out the phone and demands Sam to speak. Sam's eyes tell such a story of grief, worry and guilt (kudos to Jared, man). What do you say? How do you tell your brother to come home? Does he even care? 

Shew! *wipes tears* One of my top three favorite things (among the thousands of favorite things) about this series is the ability of the two lead actors to tell an entire story with their eyes. Brilliant.

Sam is fighting for his brother. We saw him do this in Season 3 and in the end not be able to save him. I really hope, for Sam's sake (and ours *meep*) that he is able to save Dean this time. 

Mr. Demon Dean is having the time of his life (or so he says) with his new best friend, Crowley. Between the karaoke, bar fights, drinking, sex and foosball...Dean seems to be enjoying his new guilt (and responsibility) free lifestyle. 

Which I might add is PRETTY. DANG. HOT. (did you see....what? I'm writing a review...fine. Moving on)

But his eyes tell a different story. The eyes that flicker when Sam is mentioned. The eyes that still register hurt when Anne-Marie calls him on his shit. There is what we can see on the surface and what is going on underneath. Demon Dean is a riddle and I am greatly looking forward to watching this riddle play out.   

Cas has a horrible cough. He should really get that looked at.

The Cas and Hannah story line I hope goes interesting places. I liked Hannah a lot last year but she kinda fell a little flat in Black. I felt like I had seen the Cas-in-a-car-with-a-female-angel-talking-about-saving-heaven storyline before.

I DO like that we see Cas easily sympathizing with humans. He has walked in our shoes and knows what it is like. I think that will play out in interesting ways. I am curious about his story.

Crowley is a riveting character, You can't help but 'Aww' as his need to have a best friend, but yet you know that he is playing a completely different hand under the table. Why does he need Dean Winchester to rule Hell with him? I seem to recall Crowley doing a fine job of it by himself back in Season 6 (never ending lines anyone?)

Crowley is feeding demons to Dean for him to kill to try and keep the Mark in check. Oh he knows so much more than he is telling...tricky bastard.


Who the hell is Cole and what is his story? So. Damn. Curious. 

Why did Dar call Sam "one of us"? What did you do Sam???

Was Dean bluffing at the end say he wouldn't help his brother?


That was a fanfriggintastic beginning to Season 10 (chills, again)!!! Our show has knocked it out of the park and the fans answered with the best ratings for a Supernatural season opener in 4 years!!! *high five fandom*

Can't wait to see the brother reunion next week in 10.02 "Reichenbach"

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