Thursday, February 4, 2016

Supernatural - The Movement

I believe the magic of Supernatural is much more than a show. It is a movement.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. The Episode 6 of the SPN Fan Movie just furthered my musings. Obviously, the actual 45 minute episode, 23 times a year is not what keeps all of this running. We use the word family but that doesn't really explain it either. It is a movement that revolves around Supernatural because the people in and around the show are true lightening rods. They are humble, caring, generous people who don't care about money or impressing people or climbing career ladders. When you have a group of people like that, they attract others like them. People looking for a place to belong and a place to be loved for who they are not what they can do. When you are loved like that, you have courage to show your true self. And when more people are comfortable in their own skin, not having to apologize or try to fit in a cultural or social mold then they blossom. That is how a movement starts. Now we as a whole are speaking out for mental illness and 3rd world countries and causes like diabetes, stroke awareness, inmate rehabilitation and the list goes on and on. Our show and our conventions have become more like rallies where we find encouragement, support and new tools and relationships to fight.

The story about Jensen and the girl from JaxCon really brought this home. I loved what he did for her but the part that brought tears to my eyes was the part where other fans literally chased out of the photo op room to catch her and introduce themselves and say "We are here, we know what this struggle is like. Let us be here with you." That is POWERFUL stuff. The same thing happened in front of me at DenverCon. A girl (who had been sitting right in front of me all weekend) asked Misha how he got over his stage fright because she so desperately wanted to get over hers. He gave a sweet answer but after the panel I was waiting in my seat and I counted at least 4 different fans coming up to her and saying "Hey this helped me overcome stage fright." or "Here is my number/handle. Call me if you ever need encouragement or someone to cheer you on." That is where the magic of Supernatural comes from.

The example of Sam and Dean to keep grinding and fighting and finding the good in their everyday life spurs us on. Because nobody benefits when people view themselves as victims. But when people who could claim victim look outside themselves and help those around them. Watch out. Those people will move mountains.

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